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Farmhouse Burger Company partners with Refugees International. 5 Cents/Burger Donated!

For every Vegetable Burger sold to Colleges and Universities, Farmhouse Burger Company donates 5 Cents to Refugees International. We are a producer of Home-Style Vegetable Burgers - available in Retail and Food Service Packs.

An Immigrant Story from Dorchester, MA

Farmhouse Burger Company Co-Founder, Julie Tran, is the daughter of Vietnamese Refugees that came to the United States by boat in the late 1970’s. To pay homage to her and millions of other similar paths to this great country, Farmhouse Burger Company donates 5 cents to Refugees International for every Veggie Burger sold to Colleges and Universities. Click here to learn more about our Food Service line.

The Vietnamese Community in Boston

The Fields Corner neighborhood of Dorchester, MA has the highest concentration of Asian Americans in Boston. Their population grew from 500 in 1980 to nearly 15,000 today. Vietnamese Americans, who began arriving in the US in the 1970s as refugees, make up about 75% of the Asian population in Dorchester.

Many of the refugees were low skilled and did not speak English. When first arriving, Fields Corner was plagued with crime and arson. They faced unemployment, family separation, and mental health issues caused by the sudden uprooting.

Fast forward to present day, it is astonishing what the Vietnamese Community in Dorchester has been able to accomplish. More than half of the estimated 260 businesses (many of which are Restaurants and Grocery Stores) are owned by Vietnamese Americans. I personally visit Ba Le for their Bánh mì (Baguette Sandwich) and Pho Hoa for their Pho (Noodle Soup) at least a few times each month. Second generations are now revitalizing these establishments and it's very exciting to watch as they outgrow their humble beginnings.

They're Not Done Yet

Although the Vietnamese American community has seen increased prosperity over the years, they still face a higher poverty rate and lower medium income compared to that of Greater Boston. A low percentage of higher education and even proficiency in the English language are contributing factors. However, it may be just a matter of quick-time before we start to see these numbers level off as generations continue to build off of the prior generation's achievements.

About Refugees International

Refugees International focuses on the important refugee, displacement, humanitarian, and human rights issues that need urgent attention and action. Their advocates travel to some of the world’s most severe displacement crises to investigate first-hand the challenges displaced people face, create policy solutions, and demand action.

Refugees International does not accept government or UN funding, enabling them to speak freely and independently. This means that the humanitarian groups that respond to refugee and other displacement crises often view Refugees International as a key ally. Their expert recommendations are highly valued by senior officials of the U.S. administration and Congress, the United Nations, and governments around the world—the very people whose decisions can bring immediate relief and lifesaving solutions to refugees.

For every Vegetable Burger sold to Colleges and Universities, Farmhouse Burger Company will donate 5 Cents to Refugees International. Click here to learn more about our Food Service Line of Vegetable Burgers.

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