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Home-Style Vegetable Burgers

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Farmhouse Burger Company has set out to make a better Vegetable Burger.  Whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian, or just want to reduce your meat intake, Farmhouse Burger Company has you covered. 


Our Plant-Based Vegetable Burgers are “Home-Style” in the sense that they are not pre-cooked, dense, hockey-pucks and they certainly aren’t made in a science lab!  We use simple ingredients typically found in a kitchen.


After mixing in small batches, we form and freeze the patties to be cooked up fresh as if they were made at home.


Marc Mingrone

Co-Founder, Burger Meister

Marc's culinary background started to take form on the Competitive BBQ Circuit where food was judged on Taste, Texture, and Appearance.  Marc used a scientific method to continuously improve his turn-ins.  A summer of too much meat however, turned him into a casual vegetarian.   Disappointed with the current offerings in Restaurants and Grocery Stores, Marc was determined to make a Better Vegetable Burger.

Julie Tran

Co-Founder, COO

Julie was born and raised in Dorchester, MA - a daughter of Vietnamese refugees that came to the United States by boat in the late 1970's.  Julie's background is in technology and business operations.  Her focus is on customer / supplier relationship management.

Joe Sanders

Chef, Director of Sales

Joe's culinary background also comes from Competitive BBQ.  His sales ability is still in question.  Let's see how he does.