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Home-Style Vegetable Burgers

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Farmhouse Burger Company has set out to make a better Vegetable Burger.  Whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian, or just want to reduce your meat intake, Farmhouse Burger Company has you covered. 


Our Plant-Based Vegetable Burgers are “Home-Style” in the sense that they are not pre-cooked, dense, hockey-pucks and they certainly aren’t made in a science lab!  We use simple ingredients typically found in a kitchen.


After mixing in small batches, we form and freeze the patties to be cooked up fresh as if they were made at home.


Marc Mingrone

Co-Founder, Burger Meister

Marc's culinary background started to take form on the Competitive BBQ Circuit where food was judged on Taste, Texture, and Appearance.  Marc used a scientific method to continuously improve his turn-ins.  A summer of too much meat however, turned him into a casual vegetarian.   Disappointed with the current offerings in Restaurants and Grocery Stores, Marc was determined to make a Better Vegetable Burger.

Julie Tran

Co-Founder, COO

Julie was born and raised in Dorchester, MA - a daughter of Vietnamese refugees that came to the United States by boat in the late 1970's.  Julie's background is in technology and business operations.  Her focus is on digital marketing and strategy.

Joseph Dicicco

Director of Sales

Joseph is a seasoned Food Service professional with many years of experience.  He recently came out of retirement to lead our sales effort.  A real Tom Brady!